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Before and After School Care / Vacation Care

Freeling Primary School offers a Before and After School Care Program as well as Vacation Care.

This service is provided through Happy Haven, an experienced provider throughout a growing number of Australian schools.

Before School Care: 7:00am – 8:30am
After School Care: 3:15pm – 6:15pm
Vacation Care Program: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Families wishing to use any of the services are asked to register online with Camp Australia at where you are also able to find what programs are on offer, fees and information about the provider themselves. There is also a link to the Happy Haven website on our school websites Homepage.

Excellence in Education

At Freeling Primary School, we are committed to offering a comprehensive and effective curriculum aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the South Australian Curriculum Framework (SACSA).

As of 2014, our key areas of learning from Reception to Year 7 aligned to the Australian Curriculum are English, Maths, Geography, History and Science and those aligned to SACSA are The Arts, Design and Technology, Health, Physical Education and a Language Other than English – Japanese.

Our site priorities are ongoing development in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Student Wellbeing and Engagement. Learning programs are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of individual students.

Current enrolment as at June 2014 has been between 230 - 240 students. There are nine composite classes from Reception to Year 7. Our staff comprises a Principal, Deputy Principal, Teachers, Support Staff, Groundsperson, School Counsellor and a Christian Pastoral Support Worker (CPSW).

Freeling Primary School has a Preschool on site. In 2013-14 plans were developed to build a new Preschool facility. The expected completion time for this is mid 2015.

The school offers extra curricula programs for all students including Sport, Music and performance opportunities. There are both a Senior and Junior Choir and a current program of Instrumental Music is available for students in Year 5, 6 and 7 offering Brass and Woodwind.

Information Technology is another important part of the curriculum which supports learning across the curriculum. Every classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard, classroom computers, access to Notebooks and Laptops. Ipads are used by students in junior classes and Preschool.

Nurturing healthy kids

Getting incidental exercise is easy for our students. Our school is well positioned within the town of Freeling, so most students can walk or ride a bike to school.

Sport is a big part of a country towns culture. In additional to traditional team sports such as football, netball, tennis and cricket, students at Freeling have access to SAPSASA (South Australian Public Schools Amateur Sports Association) sports which include the ‘traditional’ sports, as well as opportunities for such sports as basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, softball, cross- country, athletics and swimming.

There is a swimming program for students in Reception to Year 4 each year. An Aquatics Camp is held

bi-annually for students in years 5, 6 and 7. It is generally held at Port Vincent on the Yorke Peninsula and is a much-anticipated event. Students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of water sports such as sailing, canoeing, snorkelling, surfing and windsurfing.

In 2014 the inaugural Canberra Crusade was held for students in Years 6 & 7. Students boarded the bus for Canberra on the Sunday evening and returned the following Saturday Morning. The ‘crusade’ involved visits to Parliament House, The Royal Mint, Australian Institute of Sport and many other Australian icons. The intention is to hold this bi-annually in the ‘off-year’ to the Aquatics Camp for students in Years 6 & 7.

Opportunities for parent involvement

We invite you as parents to become involved with our school. You might like to join the Parents & Friends Group or the Governing Council with its various sub-committees. Please note that volunteers in schools are required to obtain a Criminal History Check which can be organised by the school.

There is also a Playgroup run by parents, that uses our Preschool facility on Friday mornings.

For more information about how you can become involved in the school or to clarify the requirements in relation to Police Checks or for any other assistance, contact the school’s front office.

Visit Our School

All families are very welcome to visit our school and to discuss our school programs, facilities and how we will successfully provide your children with quality educational and social programs in a highly supportive community school environment.

Please contact the school by phone or email to arrange your school visit.