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Class Placement Process

The process of placing students in classes each year is extremely complex. Families are invited to put class placement requests in writing, and these are taken into consideration as a part of the process.

Factors that impact on class placement include:

  • chronological age of students
  • social, emotional, behaviour and learning needs
  • teacher recommendations
  • student requests
  • parent requests
  • overall composition of each class.

While planning begins early in term 4, our projected enrolments often change significantly throughout the term.  

To help us plan each year, we request families contact the front office as soon as possible if they know:

  • child(ren) will NOT be starting at or returning to Freeling School P-7 (excluding students moving to Secondary School).
  • they or any family/friends are intending to enrol children in our school or preschool for 2022.

Given the complexity of the class placement process and the fact that enrolments can change on a daily basis, we do not confirm classes until the second week of January. Letters are sent to families via post.

If families have information specific to children’s learning, social or emotional needs that they would like us to consider in the class placement process (do not request specific teachers) this should be submitted in writing addressed to The Principal and dropped in at the Front Office. Timelines for this process are included in the school newsletters in term 4. 

We appreciate that families take time to provide us with any considerations with regard to class placements in writing, however, we will be not be able to accommodate all requests. Our aim is to provide the best teaching and learning environment for our 330+ students. We will endeavour to meet parent requests where possible, in the best interest of the teaching and learning environment for all students.

Once class placements are finalised and parents are notified of this in writing no changes can be made to classes.