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Bushfire Information


Information for Families

It is important to be well prepared and informed in the event of a bushfire. Please take time to read this information and download the SeeSaw app or follow our Facebook page as these avenues will be our main communication method if an event occurs.

While we are not considered to be in a "High Bush Fire Risk" area, significant events in recent years such as the Pinery and Sampson Flat fires require us to implement processes to ensure that students, parents/caregivers and staff have a clear understanding of the steps to take if an event occurs in the area.

In the event of a bushfire we are guided by the advice and direction of emergency services. We will not evacuate the school unless specifically directed to do so by emergency services.

In the event of an active incident in the area, children will not be permitted to leave at the end of the day unless collected by a parent/caregiver or nominated emergency contact.

Some important information for parents to be aware of:

If a High Level Alert occurs parents are NOT required to collect students. We will care for them until you are able to collect them safely as you may not be able to travel through closed road areas affected by a fire.

If a High Level Alert occurs students are NOT allowed to walk home without a parent or nominated carer.

When collecting students from the school during a fire event, they must be signed out from the Front Office prior to collection from class.

If someone else is collecting your child(ren) on your behalf, please contact the school to advise the name of the person who will be collecting your child(ren). All children will need to be signed out through the Front Office. The school has a duty of care to all students until they are signed out and accounted for.

Please note that if any child is not collected at the end of the day, we will begin to contact families as soon as possible. However, this will always be delayed until we have ensured that all children remaining onsite have been collected from each class and then accounted for in the Front Office.

We will endeavour to provide updates to families through Facebook and SeeSaw while this process is occurring. At the school we will ensure that all children fill their drink bottles, in case water to the town is shut off.

Children will follow their usual routines for as long as possible. If air quality is impacted, children will not go out for playtimes.

If there is a significant risk to the area (as was the case with the Pinery fire), all staff and students will gather in the main administration building and, if necessary, move to the stone building.