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Medical Information

All students with a diagnosed medical condition must have a health care plan. This includes students with asthma, allergies and students requiring continence care. Students who require medication at school must also have a medication agreement, signed by a doctor. These plans must be updated annually. Please note that plans signed by naturopaths, homeopaths or other alternative health care providers will not be accepted.

All medication, with the exception of Ventolin and EpiPens, must be stored in the front office. 

If your child is ill and requires a course of antibiotics, we recommend that all doses be adminstered at home if possible. If not, a medication agreement form is required.

Staff cannot administer any medication - including over the counter medications such as Panadol or antihistamines - without a medication agreement, signed by the doctor. Students are not permitted to bring their own medication to school or to self-administer.

All medication must be in the original packaging with a pharmacists label. The label must include the name of the child, dosage and frequency and must be accompanied by the medication agreement.

Medication Agreement

Asthma Care Plan

Continence Care Plan

Anaphylaxis and Allergy Care Plans

Other forms are available from the school; if you have any questions or require forms not available for download from the website, please visit the Front Office.